Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Grill Master

Fancying himself a Master of the Grill, Buddy Fergurson recently became a bit TOO
interested in the process...often finding himself in unwise and compromising positions
behind and under the apparatus.


Yep, sometime living so close to a PETCO can definitely have a downside ~


  1. Hi Diane - I love this blog! I got the link from Linda Ditmars and I hear you adopted Milo/Cecil! We adopted his "brother" Bear about a month ago from Linda and just adore him...and we met Milo and thought he was the cutest thing we had ever seen. If we didn't have 5 other dogs already we would have scopped him up too! I'm so glad he found a great home with you and I look forward to seeing him appear on his brother's blog. Take care! Karen Snyder

  2. Thanks Hanna! Buddy is so happy you are enjoying his blog, and hopes you will tell alllllll your friends to follow too! He wishes his mother would find the time to do an update about his new brother, it's been a busy holiday weekend for her though. Milo/Cecil is such a wonderful little guy...everyone is just totally in love with him and he is such a good boy too! Buddy thought that he would call him Cecil, but he still may end up changing it - so stay tuned!