Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing Out The New Year

 ...and then we put the world to bed and dreamed of what's to come...




                                                        Have a wonderful New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buddy Fergurson - Touched By An Angel

Buddy Fergurson thinks that sometimes his life is much easier when he doesn't look up.

He's never quite sure what he might see...

Pug angel... figures.  Buddy thinks he needs to have a little talk with his mom.  This Christmas holiday could be a long one.

~ Our little angels, Buddy, Kevin and Princess - wish everyone a happy and healthy Holiday Season ~
                                                       (that's right Buddy, keep looking up)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If It's Christmas Time, It Means Cousins

It's Christmas time and when Buddy Fergurson heard that his cousins would be coming to stay - being such a thoughtful host - the first thing he did was make sure there was a gift for them under the tree.

Then he just tried to ignore even the thought of their arrival and took a nap.

Relatives for the Holidays...what can you do?

Stella and Chloe

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yes, We Are Adopted

Buddy and Kevin Fergurson are in their little red vests waiting for their mom to take them for
their walk.  Every time they venture out, Buddy always hears people on the street tell his mom how
cute both him and Kevin are.  And every time he also hears his mom answer back "Thank you...they are both rescue pets, you know....".  And that is something that Buddy is pretty happy to hear!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Buddy Fergurson Prepares for Christmas

Buddy Fergurson decided to help his mom with some Christmas preparations this week.  Of course he found himself wrought with decisions.  

Do I help wrap gifts?

Or mark the tree?

You are a hopeless scamp Buddy Boo!
I love you!

* Candid Buddy pics caught with an iPad.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Bath Time for Buddy

It was an unusually warm and sunny Sunday this past weekend and Buddy Fergurson's mom decided that she should probably take advantage of the weather and give Kevin and Buddy a bath before it turned colder.  It had been quite a fall.  Especially for Kevin.  Chasing birds, digging in the dirt, (still) eating tomatoes, running through the leaves, and rolling in squirrel poop.  Needless to say, he needed a bath the most.

Looking very brave, Kevin volunteered to be first.

Of course when it was Buddy's turn... he looked around for an escape route.  He really couldn't think
of a good reason why "he" would need a bath too!

But knew he was doomed!

Almost finished...

Putting that behind him, Kevin was definitely ready to move on to something else!

and so was Buddy -


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's All in the Paws - Buddy Learns to Crochet

Winter has finally descended upon the beautiful Garden State of New Jersey, and Buddy Fergurson's
mom has finally located her crocheting in the back of the hall closet.


Buddy has been thinking about learning to crochet for quite a while now.

It really doesn't look that hard to learn.

Well on second thought...

When all else fails...

 There... finally under control! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time to Fly

Buddy Fergurson's mom said she couldn't have made this picture up in her wildest dreams.  Going flying Buddy?  Or maybe dreaming about rabbits?  Or perhaps maybe you just had too much excitement over the Thanksgiving weekend?  That Buddy...what a guy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Princess And Her Pet Wheelchair Cart

Buddy was looking through his mom's blog the other day and ran across a post she did last year about the pet wheelchair cart his sister Princess uses.  Although Princess spends less time in it these days, she going to be turning 14 soon, she still uses her wheelchair as an aid to help her stand when she eats, and also to run around the kitchen in while her mom fixes dinner.  Of course Buddy doesn't really like that Princess can run to get dropped bits of food faster then he can - but he still thinks she looks pretty cute in her cart!

Last fall when our pug Princess got her wheelchair I posted some pictures online and received quite a few questions about her condition and also inquires about the company we used for the chair. 
Princess has both a neurological problem and also issues with her lower spine which has resulted in her not being able to walk on her back legs.  She is in no pain what-so-ever, just turned 13 last month and is still going strong.

We got the wheelchair online from a company called Senior Pet Care Products.  The chair was under $200 and it was made to her specific measurements.  The company was great to work with.  I would definitely recommend them.

Princess uses her chair several times a day for about 20 minutes at a time.  It tires her out, so I don't like to have it her in it too long.  When Princess eats she uses it to help her to stand up, and as you'll see she also "loves" to go outside in it when the weather is nice.

I had forgotten about this video footage I took of her last fall, so when I found it I thought I would share it so that others can see how the chair works and also how happy she is using it.  Go Prin!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Buddy's Pancake Sunday

It's Sunday, and Buddy Fergurson hopes that his Dad is planning to make pancakes!

As Kevin examined the box, he notices that it's not the brand his Mom usually uses (she likes to use a whole grain, organic brand).  But Buddy isn't going to complain!

                                                     First one off the griddle... nice.  Very acceptable! 

     Princess and Buddy think they might need a sample.

 Of course Buddy would like a little more!

                                                              And maybbbee just another little taste...

                                                                 Wait......don't forget about Kevin!

Oh Buddy... I'd hide my head too!  There goes your diet.  Guess that means an extra walk for you today!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Available For Play!

It's a beautiful day out today.  Buddy Fergurson's mom is busy picking up her studio and also getting some jewelry ready for a Holiday Craft Sale.  Buddy has his own ideas of course.  If anyone is interested, he's definitely "available for play"!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Buddy's Big Week

It's finally Friday... and what a week it's been for Buddy Fergurson!  First he watched the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series...

Then, there was the surprise October snow storm.  Buddy always looks forward to eating a little snow and playing with Kevin, but October is a little early!

Then it was Halloween.  Princess wanted to dress up, so Buddy let her wear his pumpkin sweater.

 The snow melted pretty quickly, but there were a lot of tree limbs and branches down in the yard.  Buddy offered to help his Dad clean up!

                                                                   Then it was time for a rest!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Buddy's Christmas List

      Buddy and Kevin Fergurson discuss the new holiday dog catalog that their Mom got in the mail.
                                                                    A $300 hundred dollar bed?

     Sorry...  But Buddy knows that if their family had that kind of extra Christmas money, they'd be donating it to a pet shelter or rescue organization or the New Jersey Food Pantry.  And he wouldn't have it any other way!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tips For A Safe Pet Halloween

Last week when Buddy Fergurson and his mom were at the Vet's for Buddy's scheduled dental procedure, they picked up a print-out listing tips to keep your pets safe during the upcoming Halloween holiday.  Buddy thought it would be nice to share them on his blog.  Of course he had to dress up a little bit first...

~ Opening your doors to trick-or-treaters can increase the chances of your pet running out.  Try to keep an eye on their whereabouts at all times.  If feasible, keep cats in a secure area or closed room when opening doors.  Try to designate a secure and safe area of your pet's safety.

~ Pets are naturally curious and candles should be used with caution.  Pets may be attracted to the bright light of the flame in dark areas.  Dogs and cats could either burn themselves by the flame and/or knock the candle over, starting a fire.

~ Candy or gum sweetened with Xylitol is toxic and should always be kept away from your pet.

~ All forms of chocolate can be harmful to your pet, potentially resulting in poisoning or severe pancreatic or gastrointestinal upset.

~ Keep candy well-sealed and out of the reach of pets.

~ Place all festive decorations out of the reach of pets.  Refrain from using small or low hanging items that could possibly appeal to pets.  Ingestion could cause choking or even result in the need for surgery.

~ If you dress your pets for Halloween, make sure the outfit is roomy, reflective and fire retardant.

If you think your pet may have ingested anything toxic or has been injured, please contact your Vet or Poison Control ( 888-426-4435) immediately.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Pet

Buddy Fergurson exhibits great courage and a stiff upper lip as he gets ready to go visit the Vet for his scheduled dental procedure.  He's not particularly happy about it.  And he knows it is not inexpensive. But, he's appreciative that his mom and dad know how important it is to keep at pet's teeth healthy.  Rotten teeth and tartar build-up can lead to serious infections that not only effect the tooth and mouth area, but can enter the pet's blood stream as well.  Sometimes the blood infections can even be fatal.  As Buddy's mom likes to say; "Healthy teeth, health pet!"