Thursday, September 20, 2012

Under Supervision

Buddy Fergurson doesn't seem to understand why his mom put the gate across the deck and said that he needs supervision in the backyard.  Sure, Kevin might not get along very well with that opossum she saw in the lawn this morning, but Buddy is always willing to make a new friend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sail On, Princess

Our little friend and companion Princess sailed off this week, after having been with us for over 12 of her 14.5 years.  A vortex of energy and enthusiasm, even during the years when she was no longer able to walk, she always managed to keep an eye on everything around her, and keep all those around her on their toes.
  Like so many rescue pets, in her early days she was a handful, but she eventually calmed down and settled into our family nicely.  After all, she quickly recognized that she had a job to do.  Two other pugs, two kitties, and two kids (and their friends) to keep track of.

That new mother of hers obviously needed help getting that art studio cleaned up... and someone needed to keep an eye on her dad's gardening -  And those neighbors?   All those neighbors who kept being so friendly to her "every" time she took a walk with Boris and Stewart... 
She had quite a lot to do!

Princess, Stewart and Boris (2 below 0 quickie walk)

And how have Buddy and Kevin reacted to their little Prin being MIA?

Well, Buddy has noticed that his little cuddle friend is no longer around - Kevin no longer has that messy food bowl to lick up after each meal.  And quite honestly, their world has grown smaller and 
 much less less interesting.

We miss you Prinny ~ 

see you around girlfriend ~


More about Princess and her adoption can be read on the side of the blog.
Below is also a video link, capturing some of her wheelchair adventures in her later years.
  A video, I'm happy to say, that has prompted and encouraged others to also purchase carts for 
their handicapped pets.

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