Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Comment

When asked about his most recent surgery, the 2nd in less than 2 weeks, Buddy Fergurson responded with a firm - "No comment, I'm resting".  

What happened you might ask?
In a nut shell -

- Buddy's mom takes him to the Vet because his neck seems to be hurting. 

- During the office visit the Vet points out that Buddy is due for his Senior Wellness Exam - which all dogs should have starting at the age of 7.

- The ultrasound from the wellness exam reveals that Buddy has bladder stones, the kind that cannot be dissolved by medication, so he is scheduled for surgery to remove the stones before they become lodged in his urinary tract.

- Buddy is recovering from his bladder stone stone surgery, but his mom still thinks that something is "just not quite right".  She can't put her finger on it, and neither can the Vet... until he
decides to look around on Buddy's tummy further up from the bladder with the ultrasound.  That's when he discovers 2 tumors on Buddy's spleen.  

-The Vet describes the situation as a 'ticking time bomb", so Buddy has surgery again, a few days later, this time to remove his spleen.

Buddy is resting and getting along just fine!  We'll have to see what the results are from the biopsy later this week.

Moral of the story...

One thing leads to another.... Thank goodness for Senior Wellness Exams because both of these conditions would probably have gone unnoticed until they were critical.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Well Buddy!

If it seems like Buddy Fergruson has been kind of quiet lately, he's been resting up from the surgery he had earlier this week.  A few weeks ago during his routine Senior Wellness Screening (which starts at age 7), the Vet found that Buddy had bladder stones.  He had them removed on Monday and seems to be doing fine - although he hasn't been very cooperative taking his antibiotic. (his mom will probably be switching to a liquid soon).  Feel better Buddy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012