Thursday, December 13, 2012

Buddy's Holiday Spirit

It's only a few more weeks until Christmas and Buddy Fergurson is all wrapped up in the Spirit of the Season!

 First he helped his Mom unpacked his Christmas Stocking

Then he found some cute wallpaper to put on his computer!

He had a talk with his conscience about all the tasty treats he may
 be tempted by within the next few weeks.
  Buddy promised to use restraint.

Wrapping presents actually proved to be more difficult then planned, but Buddy did his best.
  He's a wiz with the scissors!

Needing a rest, Buddy also took a few minutes to look through his photo album, remembering
 the time his grandma made Santa Suits for himself, Kevin and Princess.
  Mom tried so hard to take a photo.
  Needless to say, it didn't quite work out the way she planned.
 Buddy gave up and walked off!

She did manage to get a cute shot of Princess though. 
 Boy, she's sure going to be missed this year.

All and all, Buddy is confident that his Christmas will be a good one.  He is very thankful for his family and all that he has in his life.
  So much so, he decided to cooperate with his mom and take a "real" Christmas
 photo this year this year!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!