Monday, September 23, 2013

Always Room For One More

Buddy Fergurson considers himself pretty lucky that he has a dad with a magical lap that seems to expand for any pet that happens upon it.
This, of course, makes things more comfy for everyone, which is particularly important since the Cardinals are in the playoffs, and football and hockey are starting.

Well, Franky still has a few things to work out with the comfy part...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fun and (Pug) Games

When asked about his weekend with his new brother Franky, Buddy Fergurson decided he
would provide the short abbreviated version -
which went something like this:

Franky goes under the bed
Buddy goes under the bed
Franky comes out from under the bed
Buddy, gets stuck under the bed.

 I'd smile too, Franky!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Buddy and Kevin Welcome Their New Brother Franky

It was quite a weekend!

Buddy Fergurson's plans for a quiet Labor Day came to an abrupt end when his parents told him that he would be going on an exciting journey in the car to possibly adopt a new brother for him!

It seems his mom had been secretly scrolling through her Facebook feed a few weeks earlier and saw that Pug Planet Rescue (who she had adopted Kevin from), had published a post from their friends at Animal Allies about handsome young man named Milo who really really needed a new home.  Something about his sweet little face connected instantly with Buddy's mom, she set the application process in motion, and the next thing Buddy knew he found himself in the car with Kevin, going to meet the little guy that they had read so much about!

Buddy's mom was just delighted that the car ride had been uneventful, and when they arrived Milo came right outside to meet them!  After a fast circle, smell and pee... Buddy, Kevin and Milo quickly created their own mutual admiration society and set off to patrol in rescue mom Linda's back yard.
  Buddy's dad kept a watchful eye, his mom filled out the necessary paperwork, and Milo soon found himself with two new brothers!

A new name was in order, so Milo became Cecil....who then... became Franky (with a y) as Buddy heard his mom tell her friends!

Back home, Buddy and Kevin showed Franky all their favorite "spots" in the backyard.

Buddy's sister Molly came over and showed Franky the new bed that 
mom had bought just for him!

Kevin then introduced Franky all of his (other) favorite places to sleep...

.... including his dad's lap!

Then Buddy's big brother Adam came to meet Franky! 

And after helping Adam catch up on some important reading.... Franky settled right on 
in to his new family!

We're all very happy to have you with us Franky, and we already love you to pieces!

(and check out that new Martha Stewart Bow Tie Collar...)